El Terreno Neighborhood

In older times, at the beginning of the 1900s, “El Terreno” became an exclusive residential area, where you will find fantastic villas, charming and colourful low built houses, combined with modern apartment buildings that have great sea views. The streets are narrow and quiet.

Years ago, many families from Palma used to have their summer residence here in El Terreno, as it is located on the hillside that enjoys a cool breeze in the summer time. You can still easily see traces from this time just by looking at the big and beautiful villas with large gardens and the fabulous views.

In the 60’s and 70’s, El Terreno was the centre of the city’s nightlife, especially around “Plaza Gomila” which was known as the international jet set hotspot.

Located just next to El Terreno is the green nature reserve Bellver Park with its great old Castle, the perfect spot to enjoy a long walk, go for a jog or just enjoy the fresh air and the great panoramic views over Palma.

El Terreno neighbourhood, at only at hundred meters away from the Sea Promenade, is the ideal spot for long walks, runs, or cycling around the entire Palma Bay cycleway.